CMD Super Network Announcement

2 min readNov 22, 2021


The number of CMD super network verification node elections has reached 51, and the node application channel continues to open

As of November 22, the number of CMD super network verification nodes has exceeded 51, and the requirements of the CMD super network ecological architecture have been initially realized. The official began to follow the rules and the principle that the number of single nodes must be greater than the average number of votes, and the number of officially selected nodes was counted. In addition, due to the high enthusiasm and attention shown by the market to the CMD super network recently, many node applicants are still in the application process and will be announced to the public soon while the node application channel continuously opened.

CMD Super Network (CMD SUPER NETWORK) is a distributed underlying network initiated by COMMAND NETWORK FOUNDATION.

As a decentralized distributed network, the CMD super network will be open to everyone to participate freely. In this network, no matter who is the service provider, demander or the various interested parties who maintain the network, they can freely enter and exit within the scope of the system agreement.

The 51 super verification nodes (VALIDATOR) of the CMD super network are designed to consolidate a solid ecosystem. The super verification node (VALIDATOR) enjoys a 10% mining block reward, and the remaining 90% is obtained by nodes all over the world. During the election voting period, all voters will receive 3% of the CMD tokens to vote for the winning node, and all voters who have not won the node will get 1% of the CMD tokens.

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