CMD Foundation established Meta Universe Game Fund to recruit game developers from around the world

1 min readNov 17, 2021

According to official news released on November 17, the COMMAND NETWORK Foundation established the Metaverse Fund to support the establishment of a three-party win-win Metaverse game ecosystem in the CMD super network. This aims to provide users with a wealth of. Meta-universe game consumption content, fair meta-universe game creation platform, reliable meta-universe game economic system, and immersive meta-universe game interactive experience.

It is reported that the COMMAND NETWORK Foundation has launched a solicitation for global game developers.

CMD Super Network (CMD SUPER NETWORK) is a distributed underlying network initiated by COMMAND NETWORK FOUNDATION. As a decentralized distributed network, the CMD super network will be open to everyone to participate freely. On this network, any providers, demanders or the various interested parties who maintain the network, they can enter and exit freely under the scope of the system agreement.